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About the Artist:

Demitrio “Demi” Albano is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. Albano seeks not to recreate visuals or styles from a time past, but to harness inspiration from yesterday’s greats in everything from art to architecture, fashion to film, music and everything in between - plus a focus on inviting the people, places and experiences that have marked his life - to consciously make their way into his works. His aim is to let ideas flow that reflect the now; pieces identifiable as coming from the era in which they were made.

Albano’s first forays into creating art digitally came about during his childhood as a drummer. Playing in local bands in Western New York, he found an interest in making album art, most often for music that was never going to be recorded, thus having no need for accompanying artwork. This became a private endeavor of visual creativity for the aspiring musician. Albano would go on to study in Boston at Berklee College of Music, where he continued to hone his musical craft while still creating visuals.

After graduating from Berklee with a major in Electronic Production & Design, Albano moved to New York City where he had the opportunity to work as a Sound Designer at Beatstreet Productions in Manhattan. Considering his work there as sonic art, Albano earned credits for Nickelodeon, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more, in addition to serving as recording engineer on many projects, including for actor Mark Ruffalo on the Grammy-Nominated, Our Revolution.

After three years in New York City, Albano left the studio and moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a wider array of artistic possibilities. In addition to internationally touring with musical artists as a professional drummer, it was in Los Angeles that he began polishing his ideas in visual art.

Using his attraction to a square format from his early start in designing album covers, as well as inspiration from his father, Fausto Albano, an Italian mosaic artist who often creates his pieces in square, Demitrio made the square his layout of choice. His pieces are marked by the use of bold colors and a base of perfect imagery - perfect circles, lines and right angles - with mixed media, pulling from the best aspects of both digital and traditional mediums to bring his ideas to life. He calls his pieces NeoFrames, including in each the feeling of a frame within the piece itself; a square that is part of the piece, but also keeps the piece contained within it. Some of the pieces are signed, which is a detail that Albano uses with intention as part of the piece itself. A signature part of his work is his use of a circle placed at the bottom right corner of each piece. Albano thinks of this like the punctuation at the end of a sentence, bringing to completion the thoughts expressed in the piece preceding it.

In 2023, Albano continues to passionately perform as a touring drummer, and works toward spreading his artwork to collectors, galleries and shows domestically and internationally.